Your Frustrating Menopause ‘Symptoms’ are Actually the Result of ‘Somatopause’ Which is an Easy Fix.
Harness the power of cutting edge research with this NEW scientific breakthrough.

‘EPIGENETICS’ will reverse the signs of aging so you’ll finally experience steady, sustainable fat loss!

Discover the secrets that Asian women have long used to stay virtually free of hot flashes, weight gain and other painful menopause symptoms that you’ve been told are ‘normal’.

References: Melby MK. Vasomotor symptom prevalence and language of menopause in Japan. Menopause. 2005;12(3):250-257.
Chim H, Tan BH, Ang CC, Chew EM, Chong YS, Saw SM. The prevalence of menopausal symptoms in a community in Singapore. Maturitas. 2002;41(4):275-282.

Are you experiencing any of these frustrations…

  • You have little time to take care of yourself and your expanding waistline…
  • Sleep eludes you and your energy is low.
  • Your body seems to betray you as you pack on pounds around your middle.
  • Your weight seems to climb even as you eat less.
  • You’re plagued with injury, aches and pains.
  • You’re frustrated with time consuming workout plans that intimidate and overwhelm you.
  • You feel burdened with responsibility as you’re sandwiched between caring for your growing children and aging parents.
  • You feel more and more out of control….
  • You wonder what happened to the ‘old you’…

As a woman, you’re likely the center of your family’s universe. When you’re ‘not quite right’ everyone suffers, but you soldier on, even though you’re feeling less and less like your regular self….

Guess what? It’s likely that somatopause is contributing to your menopausal symptoms and keeping you from living the life you desire.

Let me explain…

Hi, I’m Shawna K and we’re living parallel lives…

I’m in my 50’s and I’ve experienced everything I just described and I totally understand your frustrations.

But I've helped thousands of women just like you in my local fitness boot camp and through my international online coaching programs.

I have good news and bad news for you…

The fact is, if you continue on this path, your energy, confidence and ability to live the life you want in the healthy body you desire declines a little more each day.

It can hit once you reach the age of 30 years old. It can be defined as when HGH (Human Growth Hormone) levels begin to drop dramatically.

Somatopause is REAL

Why is this a big deal?

This decline of HGH is part of what drives the aging process. Somatopause and all these frustrations are NOT your fault.

You’ve been fed MISINFORMATION regarding menopause and healthy aging.

After all, have you even heard about somatopause before? Probably not.

You don’t have to accept a menopause belly, a tanking metabolism, low energy, mood swings and every other ‘symptom’ fed to us by the media and millennials that simply write us off as ‘old’ and worn out.

Studies have shown that Asian women traditionally have NOT experienced many of the menopausal symptoms that we are told are inevitable. In fact, the Japanese don’t even have a word for hot flashes! It’s only been in recent years since Asian women have adopted Western food and lifestyles that they too are starting to experience similar menopausal frustrations.

The GOOD NEWS is that once you discover the secret of epigenetics, you can be as healthy and vibrant as you’ve ever been.

  • You can actually start to reverse the signs of aging so that you can enjoy the things you love.
  • Imagine how great you feel when you quickly rid yourself of that unwanted midlife belly bulge and finally are able to ENJOY having a beautiful body that makes you proud everyday.
  • You’ll experience steady, sustainable fat loss so you can stop ‘dieting’ forever.
  • This Fail Proof system gives ANY woman at ANY age a step-by-step blueprint for how to get a flat and firm attractive stomach - Even If NOTHING Has Worked in the Past
  • You can fight off ailments that would otherwise put you on the sidelines of life.
  • And you’ll increase your confidence and energy so you’ll be the person you want to be, not just a shell of a person going through the motions of life.
  • This plan is designed to Perfectly Match Your Hormonal State So That You Permanently Banish Belly Fat And AVOID the frustration and dangerous health risks of excess belly fat as you age.

Sometimes I get asked if I could turn back the clock, do I wish I were in my 20’s or 30’s again.

My answer? Hell NO!

Even though I may have preferred my metabolism in my 20’s, I’d never trade my life experience and wisdom.

Especially since I know the epigenetic secret to increasing metabolism to STOP SOMATOPAUSE that will stop aging in its tracks….

And I want to share my secrets with you.

You see, I’ve always felt compelled to help women feel their best in their own skin. There’s no better feeling for me to know that I’ve helped empower a woman because I know that for every woman I touch, I actually touch many others with the ripple effect…

An empowered and healthy woman affects her partner, her children, her co-workers and friends.

In fact, I don't get to help just ONE woman; I likely help 6-8 more people through this ripple effect.

Women like YOU will change the world to make it a healthier and more positive place.

Let me tell you a little about EPIGENETICS and how you can avoid somatopause to ease your way through the natural shift in hormones known as menopause.

After all, somatopause is the enemy NOT menopause.

You may think that you need to find a CURE for menopause, but menopause is just a natural part of aging that isn’t necessarily the culprit to your woes.

In fact, you can’t ‘cure’ menopause anymore than you can ‘cure’ puberty.

However, I have a solution to somatopause, which will ease your menopausal symptoms.

And EPIGENETICS is the answer….

But first, I want to share a compelling story with you from one of my clients, I’ll call her ‘Rachel’ – it’s very personal and it was a challenge for her to put down on paper. I encouraged her to allow me to share it here with you because I KNOW you’ll resonate with it.

I want you to see how she turned her life around by harnessing the power of EPIGENETICS to defeat somatopause, lose her belly fat and ease her menopausal symptoms.

I turned 40 and my world seemed to come crashing down around me. I looked around and believed everyone was thinner, prettier, happier, more successful, and BETTER than me. I sank into a spiral of depression, sickness and weight gain…

I didn’t lose a spouse or a loved one, I hadn’t lost my job or my house – but I lost my sense of self when I was in my 40’s.

I ran my own successful business, had a husband who loved me and who I loved, and three kids that we just loved to bits.

But it all just fell apart.

I started drinking, sometimes a bottle of wine in a night, and sneaked chocolate, lots of chocolate, through the day when no one was home.

My exercise dwindled away to only a couple of half hearted walks. Even a 20-minute walk seemed too hard.

I started sleeping during the day, 2 or 3 hours every afternoon and then I went to bed early at night.

I did anything so that I didn’t have to be actually present in my own life. 

Outwardly things looked normal, even exciting. My business was growing as rapidly as my waistline.

However my hormones were all over the place and I was getting more and more angry – the rage consumed me and I expressed it through wild mood changes and excessive drinking and constant eating.

My husband was growing distant from me, even though I needed him more than ever and I was so afraid he’d leave me.

And my weight kept climbing. 

I was tired and sluggish all the time. Every physical activity, even my favorite past-time of gardening was a huge effort.

I felt shame. 

I felt shame that I was out of control with my drinking, that I felt compelled to buy yet another jar of Nutella on the sly and consume it in one sitting so no one would wonder where it came from. I felt shame that my eating wasn’t restricted to just wine and chocolate – I devoured any sugar or any starchy carb I could get my hands on.

I was hooked on anything that gave me an immediate sugar high and I didn’t worry about the inevitable crash that came later.

I felt like a drug addict. Except that my drug of choice was food.

I felt invisible, even though I had put on 60 pounds in less than 2 years. 

My skin was dull and blotchy and none of my clothes fit. I was a mess…..

Sound familiar?

Are you on a similar path?

Let me tell you about how EPIGENETICS helped Rachel turn her life around and how epigenetics can help YOU combat somatopause.

Somatopause will be stopped in its tracks when you implement scientifically engineered exercise sequences.

New research published in the journal Cell Metabolism shows that even brief exercise produces an immediate change in DNA.

Exercise causes important structural and chemical changes to the DNA molecules within muscles.

This study suggests that when you exercise, your body almost immediately experiences genetic activation that increases the production of fat-busting proteins.

You will experience greater fat loss results in less time and with less effort when you implement specific scientifically engineered exercise sequences.

You can forget about your bad genetics because EPIGENETIC modification can actually help you change your cells from the inside out.

The result of this exercise will be an elevation of your natural HGH (human growth hormone) levels. And remember, declining HGH levels are the root of all age related issues.

Menopause symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats, irritability, brain fog and other symptoms seem to be considered the norm for women over the age of 50.

Researchers from the Department of Integrated Health at Westminster University polled 1,000 British women ages 45 to 55 and compared their answers to those of women from the U.S., Canada, Japan and China.

The conclusion was that Japanese and Chinese women suffer the least amount of menopause symptoms.

The reasons for these cultural differences are complex. Certainly diet and lifestyle choices play a key role.

British women suffer the most and North Americans are somewhere in between.

While the exact reasons for increased menopausal symptoms aren’t entirely clear, maybe it’s as simple as Asian women understanding ““Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

Bottom line? Diet and exercise play an increasingly important role in relief of menopausal symptoms in women over 40.

That’s what Rachel experienced; I’ll let her explain it:

I was helplessly out of control and I couldn’t see a way to get myself back on track.

So one day I asked for help. 

I found a coach who specializes in women’s health and fitness over the age of 35. And she showed me in simple steps how to reclaim control of my eating and she showed me how to begin to exercise.

With each simple success, no matter how small, my confidence started to grow.

At first the exercise bouts seemed difficult because they were foreign and new, but each short workout got easier so that I actually looked forward to them.

And my hormones finally started to stabilize.

My body started to change. And then my mind started to change.

I started to feel pride in my efforts.

Every exercise was modified to suit my weight and reduced agility.

When you’re very large – it’s really difficult to even get into position for some movements. My Coach understood and encouraged me in a program that could be modified especially for my size, and my reduced agility.

Slowly the weight crept off. 

I had previously always been frustrated by weight loss stories where weight ‘magically’ dropped off. I wondered why that story couldn’t be about me…

I came to accept that results come at different rates for everyone and my journey may be a little slower than others but I needed to stay the course.

I had tried every diet under the sun but I realized it was time to stop dieting.

It may not sound sexy, but I realized that I needed to incorporate the right exercise into my lifestyle and develop a healthy relationship with food.

Exercise endorphins are the body’s “happy hormones” and these became my drug of choice rather than chemicals and processed foods.

Soon I found that instead of energy crashes from white, processed foods, I felt my energy was boosted from the foods I chose to eat.

Happily I found that if I was tired, it was because I’d had a good workout and been productive in the day rather than the negative spiral I previously experienced.

Within five months of moving more and eating clean I was able to get off the medication I’d relied on for five years.

My skin cleared, my migraines had almost stopped, I lost 17 pounds of body fat and dropped 2 dress sizes.

I understand that these aren’t miraculously fast results, but they are realistic and maintainable.

Plus I developed a whole host of healthy habits on the way that my entire family also adopted!

Looking back at that dark time I can see the growth that I went through to get to the happy, slim and fit me of today.

Anyone can change. Anyone can lose weight. You CAN do it. It might take time, but at least it will definitely happen.

And all you have to lose is your unhappiness, those feelings of shame and unworthiness (and your “extra big” clothes and your belly fat).

I believe in you because I know that I WAS you, and if I could do it, anyone can.

Thank you to my mentor and coach, Shawna K for giving me my life back.

Science proves that EXERCISE is the real FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH boosting your body’s natural production of human growth hzormone (HGH).

Exercise addresses SOMATOPAUSE - the root cause of serious muscle loss and atrophy that typically occurs with aging. When you address your HGH levels, you’ll look and feel younger for longer and stay healthier and stronger while you even FIX YOUR MENOPAUSE BELLY.

Exercise will literally change you from the inside out.

A 2011 review in Applied Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolism points out that exercise induces changes in mitochondrial enzyme content and the activity responsible for generating the energy that drives all metabolic functions.

Feeling sluggish? The studies show that benefits are far reaching: specific exercise sequences not only make you leaner but you’ll also feel more energized.

Are you forgetful? At least two additional studies, one in the Journal of Applied Physiology and the other in Neuroscience, also showed that exercise can even change the brain so that potential benefits such as reduction or reversal of age-associated declines in cognitive function can occur.

There’s more than enough compelling evidence to show that the right exercise is THE ANSWER to combating the REAL enemy: somatopause and by doing so, menopausal symptoms are relieved.

Now, as you can see, I was Rachel’s coach.

She used MY scientifically engineered exercise sequences and literally fixed her menopause belly and that changed her life.

Ever heard of the saying ‘how you do anything is how you do everything?’ Well, Rachel’s menopause belly and her lack of confidence in her body led to her eating binges, her weight gain, her depression, her lethargy. 

It was a vicious cycle. 

The cycle needed to STOP and she was able to do it with my specially developed simple to follow exercise sequences that balanced her hormones to banish somatopause for good.

An amazing transformation occurs when you commit to 15-20 minutes of age appropriate exercise every second day.

And this will happen to YOU as well:

  • HGH levels are boosted to slow down the aging process
  • Insulin levels are stabilized so you aren’t famished or on a rollercoaster of energy surges and crashes
  • Serotonin and dopamine levels are naturally increased so your mood is uplifted
  • And weight loss occurs almost effortlessly…slowly and steadily

Introducing Menopause Belly Fix

The Only Flat Belly Training System Developed Specifically for Menopausal Women Harnessing the Power of Cutting Edge Epigenetics That Will Overcome the Frustrating Symptoms of Somatopause and Reverse the Signs of Aging So You’ll Finally Experience Steady, Sustainable Fat Loss!

With Menopause Belly Fix and through the power of epigenetics you will:

  • Change your unfavorable genetics
  • Change your hormone profile to put the brakes on aging
  • Naturally increase the youth enhancing hormone HGH and with that, experience an avalanche of anti-aging benefits
  • Lose the extra pounds that have been weighing down your body and spirit

Menopause Belly Fix is a comprehensive 12 week plan broken into 3 distinct 28 day easy to follow modules:

Module 1 - Hormone Reset

Module 2 - Hormone Restore

Module 3 - Hormone Rebalance

Module 4 - Hormone Rejuvenate

Each module contains follow along workout videos that can be completed in just a few short minutes using little to no equipment and without having to leave the privacy of your own home.

This proven flat belly training system is designed specifically for menopausal menopausal women who haven’t been able to get a flat tummy no matter how hard you try. If this sounds like you, then Menopause Belly Fix is your answer.

I've Specifically Designed This Flat Belly System So That ANY Woman Struggling with the Frustrating Symptoms of Menopause At ANY Fitness Level Can Use It.

Think about it…ONLY 15-20 minutes every second day will be the game changer that will actually get you back in the game of life! If you’re still reading I know that you’re ready to say YES!

  • I want to use of epigenetics to change my bad genetics.
  • I want to combat somatopause.
  • I want to increase HGH to regain my youth and stop the aging process.
  • I want to sail through menopause without the weight gain, lethargy, mood swings, sleep disruptions, night sweats and everything else associated with it.

Here’s what happened when these ladies said NO to somatopause and YES to Menopause Belly Fix.

"I’ve noticed many benefits for my health and wellbeing"

"I used the methods employed in the Menopause Belly Fix and I’ve noticed many benefits for my health and wellbeing. These include weight loss, increased fitness and energy levels, and increased tone and mobility. I would recommend her training system to anyone!"

Martine Dodd, 62

"Doing these workouts is my precious ‘me time’"

"When I was asked to test the Menopause Belly Fix workouts I was really excited. I love these workouts and loved taking part in the videos. I have an elderly mother that I need to take care of so doing these workouts is my precious ‘me time’. I feel fitter and stronger than I have for years and look forward to my workouts. I can’t recommend this program enough, you’ll love it!"

Margaret Whiting, 65

Whether you have 10, 20, 30 or more pounds to lose, Menopause Belly Fix will guide and support you the entire way.

Put the PAUSE on SOMATOPAUSE for good with age appropriate progressive exercise sequences that take LESS than 30 minutes to complete from start to finish, and some workouts are even half that time.

  • This is NOT a complicated exercise plan It will NOT leave you exhausted while tearing apart your joints with dangerous high impact exercises….
  • You will NOT have to “starve yourself skinny” on some outrageous diet that makes you miserable only to gain ALL the weight back and more once you go back to eating normally…
  • And you definitely do NOT have to spend hours working out and there’s no need to buy expensive equipment to be successful Most workouts will use your body weight or simple equipment such as a chair, bench or band.

The BEST part is…
Any menopausal woman of ANY age in ANY physical condition will…

  • Use epigenetics to put the brakes on somatopause If you’re menopausal, your symptoms will be eased as you start to change your body from the inside out. You’ll balance your hormones to get off the hormonal rollercoaster. Or if you’re not close to menopause, you’ll balance your hormones and acquire a more favourable body composition NOW so that menopause symptoms are barely an issue.
  • Experience steady, sustainable fat loss so you can stop ‘dieting’ forever.
  • Flatten and firm your belly while REVERSING dangerous diseases like Heart Hypertension, Cardiovascular Disease, and even Diabetes without any pills or expensive medications…
  • All in the comfort of your own home in just 30 minutes or less.

With this 4 module system you’ll discover how to discover how to perform EASY weight loss exercise without jumping, jolting or heavy lifting…

Take a look at what’s in store:

Module 1 - Hormone Reset

If your hormones are spiralling out of control and you’ve never really embraced exercise in any conscious way before, this is the first step. These gentle movements flows will boost your anti-aging enzymes. This module will reset and calm those fiery menopause hormones that have kept you slave to hormonal chaos.

Module 2 - Hormone Restore

Attack somatopause head on to start melting belly fat off your waist right away. These are the exercise sequences that teach your body how to finally begin to burn off lower belly fat. Within as little as 28 days you’ll see a decrease in fatigue, increase in vitality. Watch your skin and hair glow.

Module 3 - Hormone Rebalance

Turn back the hands of time by using these easy to follow metabolic boosters that will force your body to automatically release a wave of youth regenerating hormones. You’ll experience reduced menopausal symptoms so that you INSTANTLY activate your metabolism to burn MORE belly fat even while you sleep with special flat belly movements.

Module 4 -Hormone Rejuvenate

Use the power of thermogenesis to burn extra calories long after you’ve done these metabolic movements so that you continue to torch belly fat for up to 72 hours. You’ll use these belly slimming secrets to experience a new sense of well being while enjoying your slimmest belly ever. Remarkably, a flood of anti-aging enzymes will smooth your skin and fight off wrinkles.

Here are three anti-aging tips that you can start right away to fix your menopause belly…

Anti Aging Tip #1

It’s true! You can control many of the variables that contribute to your biological age.

Research on aging says that inflammation is a huge problem that makes the body older. If your body is more inflamed, you’ll age faster. There are lots of details about free radicals, oxidation, hormones, etc., but the bottom line is that if you can address inflammation properly, you’ll age more gracefully. You’ll feel and look younger, you’ll have a lot more energy and you’ll burn off those extra pounds. One easy fix to to reduce processed foods, trans-fats and sugars from your diet. This will lead to less inflammation at a cellular level and slow the aging process

Anti Aging Tip #2

Sadly the media wants us to believe that our metabolism TANKS around the age of 40.

We’re led to believe that this is a ‘natural aging process’, so we’ve just came to accept it. But, it doesn’t have to be this way!

What REALLY happens as we age is that we start to lose precious muscle tone due to increased sedentary living. Muscle is what keeps the metabolism fired up.

Muscle is NECESSARY for a healthy metabolism.

Muscle is more ‘dense’ than fat, it takes up less space, no matter what our weight. So, if we gain a pound of muscle and lose a pound of fat our body will take up less space. In other words, there is ‘less’ of us, so our clothes can get loose and baggy when we start to implement the proper exercise sequences.

In addition to being able to lose inches off our body by adding a little muscle to our frame, we’ll also burn more calories (even at rest) with a fired up metabolism.

Oh and best of all? Muscle is sexy – it brings all the youthful curves to our body.

According to new information out of the journal Current Sports Medicine Reports:

“Inactive adults experience a 3% to 8% loss of muscle mass per decade, accompanied by resting metabolic rate reduction and fat accumulation. Ten weeks of resistance training may increase lean weight by 1.4 kg, increase resting metabolic rate by 7% and reduce fat weight by 1.8 kg”

Many difficulties of aging are linked to an inactive lifestyle. And while our chronological age may be 55, our biological age could be 35 — IF we follow a consistent exercise program that includes resistance training. The effects of exercise are so potent; it influences every physiological system in the body for the better.

Yes – the right kind of exercise is the key to ‘putting the pause’ on somatopause to address anti-aging at a cellular level.

Anti Aging Tip #3

Your body needs INTENSE movement to fight somatopause and keep its youthful curves and sexy muscle tone.

By using specifically designed workouts that will work with your hormones you’ll increase your metabolism and your muscle tone which leads to an increase in energy and vitality. And best of all, long term maintainable weight loss.

You need to start to gently move your body. After all, it took years to get to this point, we can’t start to run before we re-learn to walk. But be assured, your progress will happen almost overnight, I’ll show you how. 

I've been working with women JUST LIKE YOU for years. In fact, it's my passion to help women discover the secret to more energy and a youthful body.

    Menopause Belly Fix will dramatically:

    • Increase your female metabolism so that the calories you consume will be turned into energy and not stored as fat
    • Fight off somatopause - which is the REAL enemy not menopause which is a natural phase of life.
    • Increase energy so that you can continue to do all the things you enjoy.
    • Produce an immediate change in DNA so that anyone can overcome even the worst genetics.
    • Cue a genetic activation sequence that will increase the production of fat-busting proteins.

    You will experience greater fat loss results in less time and with less effort when you implement specific scientifically engineered exercise sequences.

    • You can forget about your bad genetics because EPIGENETIC modification can actually help you change your cells from the inside out.
    • AND it will deliver fast, long term and enjoyable fat loss without restricting the foods you crave most.

    The Menopause Belly Fix blueprint for menopausal women will work for YOU…

    "I don’t have time to exercise"

    As a busy mom, I can attest to the fact that there's simply not enough hours in the day. That's why I’ve specifically designed these follow along workouts to give you the absolute BEST belly slimming and anti-aging results possible in fastest amount of time possible so you can get in, get out, and get on with your day. Each workout only takes minutes and can be completed anywhere with little more than your bodyweight so it will work for you even if you’re a busy woman with a family like me and have little to no time to workout. Honestly, if you don’t have a few minutes, 3 times a week to get a flat and firm belly... then this is not for you.

    “My hormones are out of control”

    This is EXACTLY why I created this! Even with the sensitive nature of your hormones to your advantage you can actually burn belly fat just as fast and easily as men or younger women. Each module is specifically designed to match the menopausal and metabolic changes you’re experiencing so that you can still achieve the flat and firm belly you desire.

    “I’m really out of shape”

    I show you exactly how to modify each workout so ANY menopausal woman at ANY age at ANY fitness level can use this simple follow along system. It doesn't matter if you're a complete beginner, haven’t worked out in years, or even if you THINK you're too out of shape...We all start somewhere and together, we'll get you the flat and firm belly you deserve.

    “Will this really work for me?”

    Then is very likely that you've damaged your metabolism by doing the wrong workouts in the past causing those frustrating somatopause symptoms to increase. It doesn't have to be that way. Even the most frustrated women who haven't been able to lose an ounce in years are FINALLY experiencing a slim and toned midsection. Some for the very first time - and it’s never too late.

    “I’m scared of hurting myself in the workouts”

    I know you’re tired of workout programs that leave you beaten up and sore. Menopause Belly Fix designed to work with you regardless of injury, regardless of whether you’ve exercised before. This ‘fix’ has been proven with hundreds of women just like you. It’s a progressive and gentle approach with NO chance of injury.

    “Diets that used to work just don’t any more. Can you help me?”

    You'll experience reduced food cravings so that sticking to my nutrition plan will be a breeze. We show you how to bust through any plateau so that your motivation will stay high and you’ll watch your metabolism roar into fat burning drive to permanently lose belly fat and feel energetic all day. Watch how your confidence soars as your weight drops week after week.

    Discover for yourself how this ‘fix’ will finally give you the freedom to claim the life and body you absolutely deserve..

    Everything is explained with clear strategies so you can steadily lose your stubborn belly fat

    You’ll combat the REAL ENEMY: somatopause so you will finally get relief from your menopausal symptoms.

    You Simply Can't Find These Menopause Belly Fix Secrets Anywhere Else

    I’ve created a never seen before flat belly program after conspiring with some of the best female fat loss, anti-aging, and menopause experts in the world. These belly slimming secrets are the result of over 30 years of experience working with real live women, just like YOU.

    I’ve uncovered the real reasons why today’s most popular workouts just don’t burn belly fat for menopausal women.

    You simply can’t find anything like this anywhere else except on this very page.

    Unless you’ve visited my training facility here in Canada to work with me this is your opportunity to discover these secrets for yourself.

    NO other program is specifically designed to meet YOUR Exact Hormonal, Metabolic, and physiological Needs - This is ONLY way to finally get a flat and firm belly regardless of menopause.

    Let me remind you that this program is designed by someone who’s walked in your shoes. I UNDERSTAND YOU - we’re living parallel lives in that we are both busy women with a lot going on. That’s why I promise I’ve designed this program so that you can get in, get out, and get on with your day knowing that you’ll be burning belly fat for the NEXT 72 hours straight

    Hundreds of women have experienced success with Menopause Belly Fix

    “The workouts were really motivational”

    "I was part of the Menopause Belly Fix beta testing group and found the workouts always challenging and enjoyable. I have found that my overall fitness, strength and joint mobility have improved greatly. The workouts were really motivational and I learned correct technique to prevent injury. I have to be very careful of my wrists and these exercises allowed me to do that but still have a challenging workout."

    Lynda Smith, 63

    “By following the Hormone Reset, Rebalance, Restore and Rejuvenate Modules, I’ve lost weight and gained strength”

    "After years of sports and being very active in my earlier years, I developed lots of injuries in particular problems with my knees and shoulders. By following the HORMONE RESET module, I’ve lost weight, and regained strength in my knees. My husband couldn’t believe it when he saw how easily I could climb up and down stairs after years of problems. My shoulder mobility is slowly coming back and I can follow along with the workouts and modify when I need to. I regularly travel for leisure, so this kind of exercise keeps me moving and helps reduce the joint pain from my arthritis. I recommend Menopause Belly Fix for anyone with injuries or pain who is looking to improve their health and fitness."

    Ros Bieg, 61

    "I recently started doing the workouts from the Menopause Belly Fix. I’ve struggled with hormonal health issues but found the HORMONE RESTORE module really helpful because I don’t have to get up and down off the floor. I have low blood pressure and in times of stress I can feel quite dizzy so these workouts allowed me to work at a challenging pace without feeling the wooziness that many other workouts gave me. I feel stronger and fitter and my hormones feel so much better, I’ve lost weight around my waistline and my arms and back look toned and I’ve had to throw out half my wardrobe and get a smaller size which made me so happy."

    Willow R, 40

    Menopause Belly Fix Is NOT For Every Woman

    Although Menopause Belly Fix works for any menopausal woman, it’s not for everyone.

    For instance...

    If you're looking for yet another quick fix YOU KNOW THERE ISN’T ONE.

    Other so called solutions have only caused frustration and yo yo weight gain…

    If a quick fix is what you’re after, it’s probably best that we part ways now so neither one of us wastes any more time.

    This is NOT some nonsense "magical cure" for getting a flat belly...This 4 phase follow along workout system is a realistic, 100% proven blueprint for getting you a flat and firm belly that WORKS.

    It’s ONLY for women who are serious about making real and lasting change.

    You’ve made it this far, you KNOW you’re ready to finally experience a flat belly and boosted confidence.

    You and I both know that there is no such thing as a magic pill…but I’ve made this as easy as possible…

    Menopause Belly Fix is not just a possible answer, it’s the ONLY answer to overcoming your menopausal woes. It’s the REAL SOLUTION to feeling younger and achieving the flat belly you’ve always wanted.

    My One-on-One Clients Have Paid Me Upwards of $300 Per Session to Experience the EXACT SAME Menopause Belly Fix Secrets But...You Have Access to These Secrets For A Fraction Of The Cost

    Listen, I’m in a position to do something that no one else can do for you. . I’ve cracked the code on permanent menopause fat loss and I’ve shown you how quickly the results can come when you do things right – best of all I’ve proven it…with results with 1000’s of menopausal women.

    You and I both know that the missing link to making you truly happy and satisfied is to feel great in your own skin with a flat and firm belly and your frustrating menopausal symptoms a thing of the past.

    I encourage you to make the decision today.

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    Have a question? I’ve probably answered it below!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. I'm just a beginner. Will this program be too hard for me?

    A. Absolutely NOT. I want to hold your hand the entire way. You’ll be given training alternatives for every move so even if you’re starting out, you’ll be fully supported. You’ll experience loads of different training modalities to add to your workout repertoire. Many of the first workouts will be done from an upright position so you won’t even be tasked to get up and down off the floor.

    Q. My friend tried this program and lost a lot of weight quickly, can I expect this?

    A. Your friends experience is common, most women that try this program not only lose weight, they tone up and their clothes fit better. More importantly, they FEEL energized, empowered and in control of their destiny.

    Q. How long until my program is shipped to me?

    A. NOTHING is shipped and you don’t have to wait for anything. You’ll have INSTANT access to everything including the follow along videos that you can watch online or save to your computer.

    Q. Do I need a lot of equipment to do these workouts?

    A. NO! These workouts are designed for you to do in a small space, such as your living room. There are a ton of bodyweight exercises; some workouts could use an inexpensive jump rope, a single set of dumbbells, or a bench of some sort - but all exercises come with a bodyweight option. All exercises have alternative moves so that no matter what you have in terms of space and equipment, you’ll be all set.

    Q. I can’t be bothered reading through a workout, I just want to follow along with videos. Can I do this with these workouts?

    A. Yes you can! There are over 30 video workouts in this program all up, and I've designed it so it’s as easy as possible for you to follow, every step of the way.

    Q. I’ve tried a bunch of programs in the past that over-promised and under-delivered, why should I spend even more money on your program?

    A. Listen, this is a program like no other. I have 50 years of experience under my belt. I’ve experimented on my own body and I have hundreds of clients that have succeeded with my coaching. If you want to continue to do the same thing, then you can expect the same results. But if you’re ready to shake things up, and do things a little differently, you can expect BIG results in a short amount of time. It won’t be easy though. You’ll be required to work hard and sweat, but the good news is that your sweat sessions are done in 30 minutes or less. When you pair this up with SENSIBLE eating, your success is guaranteed. Plus you can test-drive the program and if you’re not completely satisfied, you can get a full refund. I stand behind my word on that.

    Due to recent statements from the FTC, it is required that we identify what a "typical" result is.  The truth: most people never do anything with the products they buy, so most of the time, their typical results are zero.  The biggest factor is your ability to follow through.  There is no such thing as a Magic Bullet. Your effort will determine your results.

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