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Component #1 - The 5-Minute Bikini Belly System ($47 Value)

  • A Flat Belly In Just 5 Minutes? Using these 5 minute flat belly training sessions in your spare time or at the end of your normal Bikini Belly workout delivers your flattest, most attractive belly possible--in only MINUTES a day...
  • Plateaus No More! Each 5 minute bodyweight sequence is carefully designed so ANY woman can melt off pounds of "difficult to lose" belly fat at ANY age--and WITHOUT hitting that dreaded plateau...
  • Amazing Results! Clients often tell me they are SHOCKED at how much more stubborn belly fat these unique and ultra short flat belly movements melt off their midsections. Here’s your chance to get the kind of slim stomach that looks amazing from every angle--in only 5 minutes flat.

Component #2 - The Super Slim Belly Workout ($17 Value)

  • A flat belly even faster? This bonus belly workout smoothes, tones and flattens your midsection in mere minutes...
  • Belly Fat Melting ‘Power Moves’: Unique and rather unusual flat belly moves that incinerate fat from your belly faster than ever before...
  • Perfect Definition: Want to look drop-dead gorgeous from any angle? Guaranteed--your flat belly will be truly eye-catching when you follow the super-slim belly workout...

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