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Hey there, It’s Shawna here. I’ve been reading your emails and it just breaks my heart that phase 1 of My Bikini Belly was a bit too challenging for you.

Because I am so grateful to have you as loyal Bikini Belly customer and because I truly want to see you experience the lifelong results you deserve...

I’ve created the Bikini Belly For Beginners program Just For You.

Like I said, I’ve been reading your emails and I’ve specifically designed this brand new all bodyweight program so that any woman at any age at any fitness level can achieve a flat and firm belly using these new and improved beginner workouts. 

And since phase 1 was a bit too challenging for you and you said that you still want a flat and firm belly this is next logical step for you.

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Once you've upgraded your order simply follow these 3 steps to Achieve Your Absolute Slimmest, Firmest, Most Attractive Midsection Possible...And Keep It Forever…Even If Phase 1 Of My Bikini Belly Was Too Challenging Initially...

  1. Complete the 21 Day Bikini Belly Bootcamp For Beginners
  2. Progress to the phase 1 My Bikini Belly workouts you already have
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Here’s Everything That’s Waiting For You On The Next Page So You Can Continue Melting Pounds Of Fat Off Your Belly Week After Week As You Banish Every Last Frustrating Inch From Your Waist And Achieve Your Flattest, Most Attractive Midsection Of Your Dreams… Forever

6 Brand New Flat Belly Workouts To Achieve Your Absolute Slimmest, Firmest, Most Attractive Midsection Possible...And Keep It Forever

If you want to achieve your absolute flattest and most attractive belly possible….and keep it forever than THIS is the exact program for you. The unique flat belly training strategies in phase 2 work with your new metabolism helping you flush out even more menopause molecules as you blast away even more pounds of belly fat than phase 1.

You’ll discover new and improved bodyweight movements that target your abs in a very new and unique way so that you're guaranteed to visibly see the fat fall off your midsection each week and you finally see the tight and firm stomach you desire..forever.

I've specifically designed phase 2 so that ANY woman at ANY age at ANY fitness level can use it. So it doesn't matter how old you are or how out of shape you are...ANY woman can use this simple follow along system to visibly see the flat and firm belly you desire...FOREVER.

Double Your Results And Strip Off EVERY Last Inch Of Belly Flab Twice As FAST With The Perfect Phase 2 Eating Plan: The Bikini Belly FOREVER Diet And Cookbook

Bikini Belly FOREVER Diet

Your diet can make or break your flat belly that’s why I’ve taken all the guesswork out of getting the slim and firm belly you desire and put together the PERFECT eating plan for phase 2 that will literally DOUBLE your waist slimming results.

Plus with the Bikini Belly FOREVER cookbook you’ll never get bored and you’ll always how simple, delicious, belly slimming meals that you can whip up with just a few ingredients in a couple of minutes.

Put Yourself On The Fast Track To Getting The Flat And Firm Belly You Desire In The Fastest Way Possible With The Step By Step Bikini Belly Forever Blueprint

Bikini Belly FOREVER Blueprint

If you want to start burning off your belly fat the SAME day you get The Bikini Belly Forever System, this step by step guide is for you.

You wont find any fluff here or have to read for hours or even days. You’ll discover how you can get started blasting away belly fat in under 5 minutes with this “just show me exactly what to do” blueprint.

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21 Day My Bikini Belly For Beginners

If you went through phase 1 of My Bikini Belly and found it too challenging then this 21 day bodyweight bootcamp is perfect for you! Simply start with this program and once you finish you can progress back to phase 1 which you already own and then progress right into phase 2:Bikini Belly Forever.

Super Slim Belly Workout

This bodyweight workout is one of my all time favorites because it combines several never before seen flat belly moves that will help you Visibly SEE Your Slimmest, Most Attractive Stomach EVER…faster than you ever imagined possible!

21 Day Bikini Belly Forever Meal Plans

Every meal of every day is already laid out for you so all you have to do is enjoy these delicious flat belly meals each day as you effortlessly burn off FAR MORE belly fat in much less time than any other meal that you could EVER put together yourself.

Bikini Belly FOREVER Club

You get unlimited access to all the exclusive members only workouts, guides, and resources for a full 30 Days. You’ll have the opportunity to receive individual help from me and get all your questions answered each week to ensure your fastest, easiest results possible.

And with the Private members only Facebook group you’ll never feel alone and you’ll always be surrounded by like minded women and myself 24/7 to answer your questions and support you every step of your Bikini Belly transformation.

If you decide you love all the Bikini Belly Forever Club benefits and perks you don't have to do anything and your $9 a month paid membership will start at the end of the 30-day trial. You may cancel easily at any time. No questions asked.

Plus, each month you’ll receive a brand new Bikini Belly workout program so you NEVER plateau while you continuously blast away pounds of stubborn belly fat week after week in the shortest time possible.

WAIT! Today Only You're Getting FOUR Exclusive Flat Belly Training Programs That Can't Be Found ANYWHERE Else On The Internet For FREE So You Can Guarantee That Your Belly Looks Absolutely Amazing From Every Point Of View!

The Bikini Belly Extremely Flat Abs Series

Want to take your Bikini Belly To The Next Level? Use this advanced flat belly training series to turn up the intensity with 6 Belly Blasting advanced workouts that deliver extreme results in 21 days with Targeted ab training.

The Plyo For Your Perfect Abs Series

This belly slimming series combines calorie scorching plyometrics and fat blasting jump training into 6 different belly slimming sequences that will have your midsection looking and feeling super slim in 21 days flat.

The Bikini Belly Cardio For Your Core Series

You’ll be sure to send your metabolism soaring and melt away pounds of belly fat in only 21 Days with the Bikini Belly Cardio For Your Core series that burns up to 9X more belly fat than traditional cardio. Plus you’ll automatically boost your VO2max to dramatically higher levels than regular cardio so you can fight off disease and add years of happiness to your life.

The Bikini Belly Ageless Abs Training Series

Want to know the secret to having ageless abs? You must train your midsection from multiple angles and anti-gravity ab training does just that! This 21 Day program will seriously light up your midsection in completely new ways with 6 brand new workouts that tone and firm your belly giving it definition that you can see and feel like never before while you fight off aging.

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You Deserve To Have A Bikini Belly Forever

Don’t You Think You Owe It To Yourself  To Finally Have A Flat And Attractive Midsection That's Firm To The Touch And That You Can LOOK At In The Mirror Everyday And FEEL Proud Of?

Life Is Short, And You've Been Struggling Far Too Long With Not Having The Belly You Desire...And the pain of continuing without taking action will only lead to more despair, more frustration…

  • The unwanted fat around your belly will continue to plague you every single day and keep you from feeling confident in your own body.
  • You’ll continue to feel old and well beyond your age preventing you from truly enjoying everything you’ve worked so hard your whole life for.
  • Your risk for heart disease, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s will continue to rise with each passing year taking weeks,months, and even years off of your life.

None of this is what I desire for you and you know that you deserve to feel better when you wake up every morning, look better when you see your reflection in the mirror and have all around better health than you do right now.

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  • Maybe you’ve been trying to lose your frustrating belly you’re whole life and feel like nothing you do is working
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  • Maybe you’re here because you have the last 10 pounds to lose but are frustrated with a dreaded plateau holding you back.

Whatever your reason is for being here is, you can now have clarity in knowing that on the other side of this page awaits the perfect plan for making your belly look and feel the way you truly desire - forever - along with a group of like minded women who will always have your back.

I’m here to tell you that if you’re willing to change your persistence, your environment, and follow the simple step by step plans I've created for you then you CAN achieve the flat and firm belly you desire for life.

So go ahead and make the wise decision right now to claim the Bikini Belly you desire and start experiencing the lifelong results you know you truly deserve to see and feel everyday. I'll see you in just a second on the next page inside the club.

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 P.S. - Remember: The unwanted fat around your belly will continue to plague you every single day and keep you from feeling confident in your own body. Your risk for heart disease, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s will continue to rise with each passing year taking weeks,months, and even years off of your life. Yet, right now you can take responsibility and claim the flat belly you’ve always desired in just minutes a week using nothing but your own body weight.

P.P.S. Don't Forget: You DON’T have to decide right now... Take advantage of my Unconditional "Triple Guarantee” and get results first, then decide. ALL of the risk is on me - Try the Bikini Belly Forever System for 60 full days, on me... and see the results you desire, or you pay nothing!

Your Price Today: $9


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